Bringing Life to Gaming


About Us

Here at PBG Logistics we aim to build a fun and friendly atmosphere. We strive in having a hassle free, no drama community where anyone and everyone can have a relaxing and enjoyable time. Started back in February 2021, we opened up our VTC with the intention to bring the fun back into trucking!


Our Drivers Come First

PBG focuses on our driver experience more than anything else. We are constantly trying to better each driver's experience by bringing regular additions and giveaways to the community. Here at PBG, our drivers have access to a range of single player mods such as custom yards, skins and our all new custom drivers hub. Want to see for yourself? Join today!

Join Us Today!

Want to become a part of PBG Logistics? Come along to our Discord server and apply! We don't have many requirements or minimum driving distances so what are you waiting for!